Sexuality, Gender and the Church

A Christian Response to the new cultural landscape.


Lots of Christians are asking questions about how to bear witness in the new cultural landscape regarding questions of sexuality, gender, and the definition of marriage: (1) What do Christians believe about sexuality, gender, and the definition of marriage, and why? How can we teach that to those under our spiritual care? (2) Should Christians actively engage public life and culture? If so, how? (3) What do I need to know about the legal, political, and religious liberty implications of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage to speak intelligently about them? (4) What are some first steps I can take to offer hope and healing to a friend or family member struggling with same-sex attraction? This book helps provide solid answers to those questions, for church leaders, small groups, Sunday schools, and students. This volume is useful for academic settings but is also ideal for ministers and laypeople who want to work through these issues in a local church setting such as a small group Bible study, a Sunday school series, or even a sermon series. The book provides a handy resource regarding sexuality, gender, and the definition of marriage for everyday Christians who have a deep interest in Christian cultural engagement. Our desire is to provide a step forward to help Christians respond to the cultural and legal changes we’re facing.



“This book will help us prepare the church to hold fast to the gospel.”

Russell Moore


“This book, while beneficial to the church at large, will particularly benefit Free Will Baptist pastors, leaders, and churches.”

Harry Reeder


“I hope our churches will utilize this book . . . a wonderful resource to help our congregations navigate the emerging sexual landscape.”

Edward E. Moody


“. . . thoroughly biblical, thoughtfully balanced, and theologically broad.”

Melvin Worthington


“A must-read for those who are looking for a good biblical treatment of the subject of sexuality.”

Leroy Forlines


“. . . a culturally aware, theologically astute, and biblically grounded affirmation of the biblical approach to these issues”

Ajith Fernando

Dr. Picirilli

“I welcome this book for myself, our ministers, and our people. Here are the things you need to know to help you stand with confidence and compassion.”

Robert Picirilli